Micro-and nano-optics combine the advanced research results of photonics and nano-technology,and is an indispensable science and technology discipline of the 21st century.Micro-and nano-optics is not only the hot subject of the current scientific research, and more importantly, it reflects the new direction of the optoelectronics industry, which will be widely used in optical communications, optical interconnect, optical storage, sensing imaging, optical display, biomedicine, national security,green energy, semiconductor laser, optical anti-faking and others areas.

In order to promote the industrial applications of Micro-and nano-optics in related areas. Chinese Society for Optical Engineering sponsors the“The Conference on Micro/nano Optical Technology and Application” The themes of the conference include the wide range of fields for optical microscopy research and applications, such as micro/nano photonic devices, micro/nano manufacturing, metamaterials, sensing and imaging, luminescence and display, and etc.

Chinese Society for Optical Engineering (CSOE)

Micro/nano Photonic Integration Technology Committee, Chinese Society for Optical Engineering

General Chairs:
Yueguang Lu(China Northern Institute of Electronic Equipment, China)

Zhiping Zhou (Peking University, China)
Xiaocong Yuan (Shenzhen University, China)
Xiangang Luo (The Institute of Optics and Electronics, CAS, China)

Program Committee:
Xiangang Luo (The Institute of Optics and Electronics, CAS, China)

Ninghua Zhu (Institute of Semiconductors, CAS, China)
Guanghui Chen (China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, China)
Hanming Wu (BriteIP Microelectronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd., China)
Hongbo Sun (Jilin University, China)
Yunjiang Rao (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China)
Hongxing Xu (Wuhan University, China)
Qionghua Wang (Sichuan University, China)
Zhiping Zhou (Peking University, China)

Scopes (Papers are solicited in, but not limited to the following areas):
Topic 1: Micro/nano Photonic Devices and Systems
Topic 2: Optical Processes and Materials in Advanced Manufacturing
Topic 3: Sensing and Imaging
Topic 4: Luminescence and Display
Topic 5: Metamaterials

Supported Journals:
Photonics Research (SCI)
Photonic Sensors (ESCI)
Journal of Semiconductors (EI)
Opto-Electronic Engineering
Study On Optical Communications

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