Invited Talks

Jianxin Chen (Fujian Normal University, China)
Title: Quantitative Image Analysis of Multiphoton Microscopy in the Application to Brain Imaging
Liangyi Chen (Peking University, China)
Title: Fast High-resolution Miniature Two-photon Microscopy for Brain Imaging in Freely-behaving Mice at the Single-spine Level
Shih-Chi Chen (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China)
Title: DMD-based two-photon random-access imaging and optical stimulation for neuroimaging applications
Wei R. Chen (University of Central Oklahoma, USA)
Title: Immunophotonics-based therapy for metastatic cancers
Zhihua Ding (Zhejiang University, China)
Title: Structural and functional Fourier domain optical coherence tomography, technology and applications
Ling Fu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China)
Title: GRIN lens based high speed confocal system for deep brain calcium imaging
Yueqing Gu (China Pharmaceutical University, China)
Title: FRET based probe for the detection of NO in tumor environment
Weiping Han (Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, Singapore)
Title: Actin Cytoskeletal Remodeling in the Regulation of Glucose Homeostasis
Honghui He (Tsinghua University, China)
Title: Characterizing microstructural features of breast carcinoma tissues in different progression stages by transformed Mueller matrix parameters
Yoko Hoshi (Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Japan)
Title: Time-domain diffuse optical tomography of thyroid gland
Matjaz Humar (Stefan Institute, Slovenia)
Title: Biological microlasers inside cells and tissues
Minbiao Ji (Fudan University, China)
Title: Dual-phase stimulated Raman scattering microscopy for rapid, label-free histology
Puxiang Lai (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China)
Title: Optical Focusing and Controlled Delivery in Complex Media using Optical Wavefront Engineering
Buhong Li (Fujian Normal University, China)
Title: Spatiotemporal detection of singlet oxygen luminescence for photodynamic therapy
Dong Li (Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Title: Structured Illumination Microscopy for Super-resolution Live Cell Imaging
Pengcheng Li (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China)
Title: Hybrid EEG-fNIRS Based BCI for Rehabilitation
Hua Liu (Science and Technology on Electro-optic Control Laboratory, China)
Title: Modeling Methods Applied in Micro Lens System
Xiaolong Liu (Mengchao Hepatobiliary Hospital of Fujian Medical University, China)
Title: Smart Nanomaterials for Synergistically Enhancing Photodynamic Therapy Efficiency
Jiong Ma (Fudan University, China)
Title: SPEED Microscopy: Fast Single-molecular Tracking and 3D Deconvolution Process
Liming Nie (Xiamen University, China)
Title: Noninvasive Longitudinal Label-free photoacoustic Imaging and Characterization of Myocardial Infarction in Vivo
Tymish Y. Ohulchanskyy (Shenzhen University, China)
Title: Towards Optical Bioimaging in Near and Short-wave Infrared Regions: Imaging Probes and Tissue Light Penetration
Oxana (Saratov State University, Russia)
Title: Laser-induced direct generation of singlet oxygen: new strategies in the treatment of brain tumor
Junle Qu (Shenzhen University, China)
Title: Fluorescence lifetime imaging and its applications in cellular microenvironment measurement and auxiliary diagnosis
Kebin Shi (Peking University, China)
Title: Towards High Spatial Resolution Imaging Based on Optical Field Engineering
Ke Si (Zhejiang University, China)
Title: Deep Tissue Two-photon Microscopy with Local Structure Illumination
Liang Song (Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Title: Photoacoustic Imaging: Technology Development Towards Clinical Translations
Katarina Svanberg (Lund University, Sweden)
Title: Laser Spectroscopy to Meet some Challenges in Medicine
Sune Svanberg (Lund University, Sweden)
Title: Laser Spectroscopy applied to Environmental, Ecological, Agricultural and Food Safety Research
Kai Wang (Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Title: Fast Volumetric Imaging Methods for Whole Brain Imaging in Larval Zebrafish
Qiangbin Wang (Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Title: Ag2S Quantum Dots for Advanced In Vivo Imaging: Seeing is Believing
Ruikang Wang (University of Washington Seattle, USA)
Title: Non-invasive optical imaging of tissue morphology and microcirculations in vivo
Xunbin Wei (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
Title: Monitoring Circulating Tumor Cells by In-vivo Photoacoustic Flow Cytometry
Changfeng Wu (Southern University of Science and Technology, China)
Title: Organic Nanodots for Superresolution Optical Imaging
Sihua Yang (South China Normal University, China)
Title: All-optical photoacoustic microscopy for biomedical applications
Zhihong Zhang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China)
Title: In vivo optical imaging of anti-tumor immune response

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