苏州国际博览中心,Suzhou International Expo Centre
地址:江苏省苏州市苏州工业园区苏州大道东688号 邮编:215028
Add : 688 E. Suzhou Avenue, Suzhou industrial Park,Suzhou, Jiang Su Province, P.R.China.

Located in the main area of comprehensive business center in Suzhou, Suzhou International Expo Center (SuzhouExpo) is a complex of exhibitions, conferences, events, business service, catering and entertainment etc.

Suzhou International Expo Centre is a large exhibition complex, including exhibition and conference, accommodation and catering, cultural and arts, business travel and other services. It is situated at the core area of the city, which is China’s only Business Tourism Demonstration Base,closing to the Jinji Lake (the largest urban lake in China), 30 minutes drive away to Shanghai.. The centre has exhibition space at 100,000 ㎡, meeting space at 50,000 ㎡, 60 meeting rooms of different styles and with integrated facilities and Novotel Hotel SIP with 307 rooms where can be a lot of choices for catering, living, touring, shopping and entertaining. We promise you a better experience by providing perfect service and facilities.

Airport Information:
Direct Transport Hub from Suzhou City Terminal to three airports, which are Shuofang Airport, Hongqiao Airport, and Pudong Airport.

Train Information:
Train Timetable Between Shanghai and Suzhou(G-Series)

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