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SPIE Proceeding:

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 Proceedings of SPIE (EI, Scopus, Web  of Science)
 Present your research at the conference and  publish  a paper of four or more pages on your findings in the Proceedings to   ensure that your work is peer reviewed by experts in your field, indexed by the  major indexes and search engines, and available to researchers around the world  soon after the conference. This will enable your community to have a snapshot  of the state of your research at the time of the conference.
 SPIE, the international society of optics  and photonics, will publish these papers in the Proceedings of SPIE on  theSPIE Digital Library, the world’s largest collection of optics and photonics  applied research, with more than 450,000 papers.
 This will enable researchers around the world to know about, read, and cite  your on-going research soon after the conference. The Proceedings will provide  a long-term record of the research presented at the conference so that you may  expand your relationships with others in your field.
 Read about the value of publishing in conference proceedings at
 Ei Compendex, Scopus, and Web of Science, and other major scientific and  engineering indexes, and all of the main search engines cover Proceedings of  SPIE papers.
 Guidelines for Submitting to Conference
 By submitting an abstract, I agree to the following conditions:
 An author or coauthor (including keynote, invited,  oral, and poster presenters)  will do all of the following:
 1.Register at conference website.
 2.Attend the conference.
 3.Make the presentation as scheduled in the program.
 4.Submit a manuscript of four or more pages for publication in the conference  proceedings.
 After publishing the conference paper in the proceedings, you may submit an  expanded manuscript to any journal, including one of the cooperating journals. Please  see more information at: SPIE copyright  transfer allows  an author to expand a conference paper  published in the Proceedings of SPIE and submit it to a journal. If your work  is almost ready for a journal article, first submit it to the Proceedings and  then submit the expanded manuscript to an appropriate journal once it is  complete.
 SPIE policy allows  a researcher to submit a conference paper to an SPIE journal,  either with no changes if it is truly ready for one of the SPIE journal sor  with changes that make the manuscript ready for an SPIE journal.
 SPIE Code of Ethics
 SPIE collaborates with researchers, educators, and industry to advance  light-based research and technologies for the betterment of the human  condition. SPIE presents its SPIE Code of Ethics, which applies to all SPIE  publications, at
 Format Your Manuscript and  Sample Templates
 Manuscript  Specifications
 Multimedia File  Specifications
 Sample  Manuscripts
 Microsoft Word  Template Downloads
 Using LaTeX
 Creating a  Postscript File
 Creating a  Postscript File from LaTeX
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Important Dates

Conference Date

7-9 July 2019

Onsite Registration Date

7 July 2019

Online Registration Open

11 March 2019

Abstract Submission Deadline

31 May 2019 (Final)

Full Paper Submission Deadline(SPIE)

30 July 2019

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