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Abstract Due Date: 30 April 2018 (Second Round)

SPIE Manuscript Due Date: 30 June 2018
  Plenary Talks

Optical Surface Metrology: Limitations, innovations, some very old surfaces and some new directions.
University of Southampton, UK

Abstract: The speaker will provide an overview of the some key issues in the precision measurement of surfaces using optical methods. Existing methods to be considered will include the application con-focal scanning methods for the evaluation of large scale surfaces, when compared to microscopy based systems using direct areal measurements. The applications to be discussed will include a range of complex surfaces, dental, paleontology, and early mechanical sound recordings. Consideration will then be given to the new area of precision X-ray computer tomography. The emphasis will be on the application of XCT for the evaluation of structured surfaces and for the evaluation of the internal dimension of manufactured surfaces.

Biography: John McBride is a Professor at the University of Southampton. Previously the CEO of the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus (USMC), 2010-2017, where he delivered the Universities for international campus from an idea to a fully operation campus; 2010-2012, Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment; and 1998-2010, the head of the electro-mechanical research group at the University of Southampton. He is an expert on electrical contact physics, nano-materials and optical/X-ray metrology; he has published over 300 papers, 3 patents, and is an associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging and Manufacturing Technology (CPMT).
As Principle Investigator, (PI) he has completed research projects in excess of 7.6Million and supervised as chair over 20 Ph.D students. He has chaired sessions and acted on the organising committees of numerous international conferences. He was the Technical Chair for the 2016 International Conference on Electric Contacts.In 2006 he was awarded the IEEE Holm Scientific Achievement Award, an international award recognising outstanding scientists and engineers in the field of electric contacts or related technologies. In 2008 he was awarded the international James A. Lindner Prize for research on early sound recording. In 2015 he was co-author on the Best Paper, IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology.
His research has led to the development of a number of spinout companies, these include 3 optical Metrology companies. In 2001 he established the spin out company TaiCaan Technologies Ltd. a world leader in optical surface metrology.
In 2010 he established the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus, as a Malaysian company. Building from an idea to a fully functioning campus.

Since 2010 he has been advising Universities and Governments on issues around the globalisation of education, research assessment and industry collaboration.

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